IRead Movement: For the Youth in St. Claire Development Center in Bulacan

How you can help: Donate books, library materials, or money to help IREAD’s library for St. Claire Development center in Bulacan.

How it helps: It introduces reading as an enjoyable and interesting activity to the less fortunate young numbers of society (SEC D, E).

How to donate:

  • Monetary Donation: Cash, Check, or Bank account transfer
  • Donate in Kind: 1)  Books - workbooks, reference books, literary books. 2) Library Materials - electric fan, computers, plastic cover, carpet (anything you feel we can use for a children’s library will be greatly appreciated).

Contact details: Their email is and the mobile phone details are in their Facebook Fan Page.

Photos from their Website:

For more information on IREAD, visit their website: IREAD Facebook Fan Page